Kas jos tokios – Unbreakable

The midnight sky is over us
It’s here to stay
The light reflects your beaming heart
And when its time to follow you
Oh I won’t let you go, we’ll never be apart
Together, together in our hearts


Unbreakable, that’s what we are.
We have tonight, no need to cry,
The bond(love) we share you cannot buy
It’s in our souls, like rock and roll

We shine on through the grace and gold
Our love tonight,
Sometimes the world knocks me down
But you pick me up
Hard times try to conquer us
But we always pulled through
Always knowing what to do
Now I know the meaning of unbreakable
When the sun sets in the sky,

I know its time to fly,
The leaves crunch as we walk hand in hand
We laugh and kick the sand


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